Oct 7, 2008


Finally got almost everything sorted out and we're finally up. Prices for package of printing + design + customization and COD charges are located to the right. Here are 25 designs for starters. More will be added in the future depending on.. well, how active my brain can get during midnights.

Designs will be divided into their own series and additional designs in the future will be chucked into new posts but categorized under the same part on the sidebar. The other designs are the posts below this one.
P/S: Texts are not clear in these images as it has been shrunk. Don't worry, they appear very clear on the printed papers in front of me =)
(vector/grunge designs)

There's more below...


(floral / feminine designs)


(dominantly brown)

Bleached Designer Brand

Single sided


(as simple as they get)

Single paged designs can be made into double paged

Sep 29, 2008


Hello people. Finally found the correct people to cooperate with. Reviewing the final price to see how low I can go so you can get the best deal of design + printing + delivery + some customization of your choice. Yes, that's a 4-in-1 minus any extra add on for design fee or type setting fee.

Designs that are previously posted are removed and in the process of being revamped so you can have an option of one or two-paged cards for each design. We're currently looking into the market in Penang as well. Will update regarding delivery around the Nothern region.

For the mean time, here are some work I did for a couple of people these few days.

JESSICA TAN - Freelance photographer
(modified Alcohaul theme with color of her choice)

KEN KIRBY - U.S. Modder / Shop owner
(My first full customized card, bookmark-styled)

RACHAEL ONG - The Closette blogshop owner
(Fully customized bookmark-styled as well)

Finally, my own...

Expect clean, simple, slick, and classier cards once revamped.

Come back for updates, it should be up and running very soon!

Sep 27, 2008


Currently seeking for print shops that will do the printing and cutting for a good price so then I can provide you all with full service (design + print + delivering) for lower and affordable price. If you like one of the cards here, do drop me a line at gsfp@live.com so you will get the heads up via email a.s.a.p. once i wrap up the full package details (design + print + COD).

A lot of things will be revamped; price for full service, links, page looks, designs etc. Will drop a line once everything is finalized. I guess I started tad too early.

Check back for updates on printing and posting services.

P/S: Chatbox added for advertising purposes for blogshop owners and freelancers. Solely for advertising purposes only.



How to customize your card? Here's a sample of the things you can change on your card to.

Further inquiries or design purchase, I can be reached at gsfp@live.com